Clio the Muse rediscovers, redesigns and re-beautifies vintage furniture and homeware. Each piece is hand-made in London, UK, re-using unloved materials, reducing wastefulness and championing resourcefulness: functional works of art for your home. Clio the Muse pieces are clever, quirky, one-of-a-kind, great design that won't break the bank.

What Is Upcycling?

Upcycling is a form of recycling. Its aim is to reuse, redesign & repurpose old objects that would otherwise have been unappealing and ultimately thrown away. Upcycling is about using good, innovative and quirky design to support a sustainable activity: recycling.

Clio the Muse upcycles vintage furniture & homeware by rescuing beautiful but tired old pieces; restoring and sometimes updating their structures; putting new finishes on old surfaces, collaging and painting beautiful new designs, and finding new purposes for redundant objects.

By upcycling, Clio the Muse produces quirky, one of a kind pieces of furniture and homeware that also act as talking points and everyday works of art for your home. In buying a piece you will enjoy classic vintage lines, coupled with innovative updates and new, quirky design, and you'll also be helping to reduce waste, encourage others to reuse, and be an all-round good person. Even better, a bespoke commission will transform a piece you already own, so you won't be throwing anything away! What more could you want?

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About Clio The Muse

With an eclectic taste in furniture, clothes, art and homeware, my style lies somewhere between vintage, retro, and shabby chic, with a hint of Parisian class and a lot of East London spark. I love finding new things, and unlocking the beauty of forgotten old pieces. The pleasure is as much in the find as the re-creation of a lovely new treasure.

My style is reflected in the pieces I source and produce: old, vintage, unloved pieces found and upcycled to give them a new, clever and fun twist; and others restored to their former glory reflecting their original purpose but now intended for a contemporary setting. Above all, everything that I do looks good, and has an interesting story to tell.

I started Clio the Muse in January 2012 having escaped from a corporate office job and returned to my creative roots. Hurrah!

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